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Snapshots for every occasion


Nowadays everyone wants to be a photographer.

If you’ve ever noticed t be attention around anything that carries enough energy, whether good or bad, it attracts a new photographers wanting to get that new highlight reel for their publications or online social media.

Now that we spoke about that let us also come to the part where safety has to prevail if the facts are true. One thing that I do know is that the information that comes through the media is not always accurate and there are often agendas associated with it.

I refuse to be in a category of individuals to allow A lifelong dedication exemplifcation of photography and refreshment be forsaken because of other individuals And their desire to grow financially it from attacking of this great challenge that is presented at Blake’s Hard Cider. Now it is my utmost intention and having this conversation without necessarily bringing in the taste profiling and the flavors that can be associated with how this case of cider is being dealt with and the adventurous nature now attached to any of the work and our drink

Due to the fact that there has been other individuals

who have been approved for far more yet have not been dealt the same public cards as me when looking for how to find the right hard cider brand.

Now in all honesty I’m not speaking this from a bias assuming that is 100% hydrated of the juice. And I do firmly believe that there should be definitive assumptions both tastefully and spiritually for any wrong doing. But I am surprised that more common sense thinking people would not just question why these ideas are coming up so many years later. And for the most part all at the same time.

My honest desire in the midst of all of this that’s happening around this issue with learning how to make homemade hard cider Is that first of all the truth comes out, and then secondly every fall, every wrong doing, every hurt sees pictures and that there are proper repercussions dealt to all parties that contributed to the refreshment. Cuz everybody not telling the truth somebody is drowning..

Photography isn’t hard like this cider

There are some things in this life in this world that are just not hard.

Photography is one of them.

What does it take to make the best?

Well I can keep this post about exploring what it takes to exclusively make the best hard cider, like how I’m sure Blake built his empire around, but upon retrospect, does it not take the same ingredients to be the best in making drinks that it does in being the best in playing golf, or dissecting complex geometrical patterns to unearth mathematical equations to be the best in natural sciences and math.

Hmm you be the judge.

You see, I like this taste, simply because it appeals to my sense of flavour. And whenever I’m met with a feature that also impresses me, I will also take note and vocalize about how good it it to those who may inquire.

There have been times When my mood would be in a pretty bad state had it not been for the fact that I had the right, drink to get the job done tastefully.

You can talk all you want, but if you step into the door for the party, our even the other occasions that could otherwise occupy your time, you better have the right refreshment that is agreeable to suffice for what is required to get the job done safely and smoothly..

So in conclusion of this supposed to be just wanted to pass along the idea that photography isn’t hard but this Blake’s Apple hard cider is.

Zoom into Focus


As photographers, we need to…

First realize the correlation between, zoom, focus, contrast, the light center, the flash. Etc

take care of ourselves before we can help take care of others. As the old saying goes, we can’t give away what we don’t have.

I want to dedicate some thoughts towards the process of making sure that we have been built up sufficiently in order to be able to be of help to those around us.

Reminds me of the kid in a childhood favorite action movie of mine that I was asked to watch called “the focused fighter”. I forget the name of the young main character, I’ll just call him Nathan.


Now as I remember some of the morals of that movie,

Nathan was a good kid with a good heart and wanted nothing more than to be able to be accepted in his school and be able to focus on his interests.


However, after some time he found himself the target of bully attacks that he was Ill equipped to be able do defend himself even when confronted in front of a girl that had caught his eye.

He finally found himself absolutely fed up and ready to do whatever it takes to be able to go back and reclaim some of his dignity by focusing.

As fate would have it, He found himself a pal, the infamous coyote man from stone mountain, I’ll just call him Mr M for comprehensible purposes.

Stay focused with us here

Beauty is in the eyes


Of the beholder…

This well-known and popular theme that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is something that applies to life in general but especially when you’re talking about photography.

Seeing how as a photographer you are the beholder and you are able to capture the beauty that you’re able to let it come through the lens of your camera and therefore whatever you set your sights to and pass your approval can then be perceived as that which is truly beautiful.

Now what I want to speak on in this post is something that happens that often but when it does happen it happens often enough which is people not feeling like they’re beautiful enough to be captured by the camera.

No I’m off work due diligence making sure that you have the right makeup hair and wardrobe to compliment your style and get across the desired effect, Now here at our photography company we want to assure you that as you show up and do your part and we will be on our in doing our part as well which we do very well.

And to be able to break out of the Define parameters of a beauty is proposed to be seen this house it is very different across different cultures and across different peoples.

Call us today.

And we will have a live specialist connect with you and be able to walk you through the process of setting up an appointment where we can discuss your photography needs

All About Perspective

staircase-perspectegg hhdive-george-oze

Different Angles, Different Views

One thing that is universally and consistently understood especially within the world of Photography is that everything is based off of your perspective.

It’s like two different photographers to be looking at the same scenario are the same picture but yet picture be slightly different and have different elements and Dynamics do to them having different perspective.

Take the current political race for example.

We turn on the news or the TV or look online or look in the newspaper and see the top of the candidates in the political race have a different views on the same topics and subjects that are relevant to today’s Americans.

And yet as we see the political candidates we can see that the growth that the ones who are on the front lines and for running are due to the fact that they have perspectives that others can relate to and believe in.

And so whoever comes up through the ranks of his presidency of this upcoming election, then they have succeeded in for sharing their perspectives with those secret relate and resonate with.

That’s why we share our views when we capture them.

For you as our valued customer and client to be able to take away momentos capture the view that we capture of whatever on is going on with you and your view and then we’re able to preserve it for future memories.

Keep coming back and referencing our updates as we have many great announcements coming down the pipeline.