Get Hard

You have an undeniable right.

To fine tasting awesomeness in a cup.

I truly do believe that it is utterly distasteful that we can have these young kids who gave up everything to be of age to get into whatever  for whatever agenda and came back home and with little to no provision to help them successfully integrate back into sober living. I’ve seen time after time after time trying to build and piece their life back together either from the stress, Or simply because they were not equipped with the skills to be able to function in a society that is not ravaged with a drink this good. That’s like a contractor being the wood from a forest of trees, but not giving them proper tree care for them to thrive in their natural habitat. However as unfortunate as this reality is this is not necessarily the topic that I wanted to address in this post.

I was at a function of some time ago

and I was truly surprised by the amount of young Individuals who were talking about their future in how they were looking forward to the best opportunity that they knew of with the drink responsibly movement.

So me being slightly older than these young folks and me being one who has had encounters and conversations with those who have been drinking the wrong brew thinking it was one thing but found out it was something else, found myself in a position where I was compelled not to deter them from their plans, but to challenge them to think a little deeper into the implications of the decisions they’re making now on the rest of their party night.

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