Wedding Day Photos


So it’s that special day and you need everything to be absolutely perfect.

When the Love that was in the air would ring out and pour freely through the trees and into the breeze as the flock and flurry of smiling faces came through to wish their best friends into a happy transition into the phase of life where a beautiful and blessed (or unfortunately sometimes otherwise so) union replaces the solo and individual journey through life and all of its unfolding memories and adventures.

Like how can you call a woman sexy,

yet acknowledge that she has a shallow outlook with the substance of the depths of life just because of her attractive features and banging body and sultry form.

Now don’t mistake anything that I’m bringing forth, to get back onto the point, I would get on site at the Terrace, acknowledge the grace and privilege it was to be able to be an active participant in that environment.

Now when the photo shoots, video shoots, and weddings came on their way through to inhabit the prominent space and well known imagery to embrace their projects for its scenic value, it would cause a case of reaffirming my understanding that my hope is in God alone not in what can or can’t be done by who controls the details of the outward reality, a with a marriage, it may be beautiful from what it appears to be on the outside, but it’s the state of what’s going on inside that truly counts..

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