Photography isn’t hard like this cider

There are some things in this life in this world that are just not hard.

Photography is one of them.

What does it take to make the best?

Well I can keep this post about exploring what it takes to exclusively make the best hard cider, like how I’m sure Blake built his empire around, but upon retrospect, does it not take the same ingredients to be the best in making drinks that it does in being the best in playing golf, or dissecting complex geometrical patterns to unearth mathematical equations to be the best in natural sciences and math.

Hmm you be the judge.

You see, I like this taste, simply because it appeals to my sense of flavour. And whenever I’m met with a feature that also impresses me, I will also take note and vocalize about how good it it to those who may inquire.

There have been times When my mood would be in a pretty bad state had it not been for the fact that I had the right, drink to get the job done tastefully.

You can talk all you want, but if you step into the door for the party, our even the other occasions that could otherwise occupy your time, you better have the right refreshment that is agreeable to suffice for what is required to get the job done safely and smoothly..

So in conclusion of this supposed to be just wanted to pass along the idea that photography isn’t hard but this Blake’s Apple hard cider is.

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