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elitedvh-logoWhat does a picture perfect world look like?

I’m sure the answer to this question is relative to everyone’s respective perspective, Which is the universal truth in life that everything is all about perspective which is even more so relevant when you talking about the topic of photography.

There’s someone would answer this question in the? The answer will look like a picture that was painted by someone like the old Bob Ross some of the PBS with the afro.

If you don’t know who I’m taking about, most likely you’re to young to be here on this blog anyways.

And then there would be those who have the compassion for the world that would have a picture perfect world that would sound more humanitarian like, Feed all the hungry children build water wells and do I save the temperature climate of the world and global warming In all the evil elements and sickness is that exist in this world weather do the corruption read War and the hunger for power to make this world less than perfect.

We’ve come to challenge all of these norms using our camera as a weapon.

So whether you’re looking for a wedding or a recital or some kind of family gathering or maybe a graduation or is it a special engagement maybe Maybe you’re looking to catch the timeless photos for the holiday season the last you the ages or maybe you’re expecting and you’re looking to capture your growing family and it stays whatever it is you can take care of it with us here


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